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Adding keyless entry

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    Adding keyless entry

    Anyone ever added keyless entry to a 96 Cierra? I grabbed the module and keyfob from a 92 in the junkyard. I also cut out the 2 connectors for it. But it looks like the wiring for the module was not ran to the trunk in my 96. Maybe it's somewhere else? Or wiring was simply never installed and I'd have to run it myself.
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    I have a '96 with the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) factory system and a '92 that I added an aftermarket system. I thoroughly searched my car and numerous cars (Buick & Olds) in the wrecking yards. I never found any evidence of the factory harness existing in cars that did not have the system. Unlike other options (Buick, at least part of the rear defog harness is there, power connections for lighted vanity mirrors, trunk opener, temp gauge through '93, front door mounted courtesy lights). I assume because of the 'progressive' operation of the factory system, i.e. lone drivers door unlock, it would have required a jumper harness for cars without RKE, they just kept the older, existing harness in production.