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88 Ciera XC Iron Duke... hope it?s not dead.

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    88 Ciera XC Iron Duke... hope it?s not dead.

    So my mom wanted a basic automatic daily driver so she didn?t have to drive her manual transmission Dakota. I found this 88 Cutlass Ciera XC sitting at a lot with no wheels or tires. We bought it and got it home, put a fuel pump in it (sitting since 12?) and it started and ran, had a bad valve rattle but 35 psi of oil pressure. Changed the oil and ran it for about 5 minutes, valve rattle went away and oil pressure was a steady 30-35 psi at idle. Revved up to 2500 rpm and the valve rattle came back and it lost oil pressure completely. Dropped the oil and it has lots of aluminum in it (looks silver, doesn?t stick to a rare earth magnet). I?m thinking the oil pump gave up and ate itself. Engine still ran smooth, just rattled like flat lifters, only ran it for about 30 seconds. Should I pull the engine out and just rebuild it (only has 89,000 original miles) or put a new oil pump in and flush the engine a few times and hope for the best? I really don?t want to pull it unless I have to.

    It was parked for a reason. Pull it, and rebuild it. Make sure to replace those timing gears with metal, I think they are still Plastic teflon on the 89 model.
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