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1987 Buick Century no start condition

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    1987 Buick Century no start condition

    Hello! I'm a new member here and I had a question regarding my new to me 1987 Buick century with the LG 3 3.8 V6. I drove the car yesterday and it ran just fine I stopped at a store to pick something up on my way home from work, and when I returned to the car it just cranked but no start. I checked to make sure that I had fuel pressure and spark. Coil pack on one end was really hot to the touch and was leaking black goo. I changed out the coil pack and now the car will occasionally start, but it runs really rough and dies if I try to put in gear. I was going to throw a crank sensor at it, but before I do that I was hoping to get any help possible from anyone who knows this car better than I do.
    I just ran a compression test on one cylinder thinking I may have jumped time and pressure was good.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Do you have the Panasonic ICM/Coil pack? Is it just one big unit?
    Do you have the 3 individual coil packs, and a single ICM on the bottom of those 3 coils?

    Did you get a check engine light? Could be a couple things, but I would start with the check engine light
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      Check engine light never came on.

      Yes, it is the Panasonic ignition pack. I changed it out after testing and still no go.

      I put in a new crank position sensor and now it runs, but I think I have a rich condition or stuck injector. Catalytic converter gets red hot after about 15-20 minutes at idle and there is no rattling in the converter if I move it around when car is not running.

      Thanks for the reply!