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Instrument panel lights

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    Instrument panel lights

    Does anyone have any experience changing the light bulbs for the dash lights on a 95 Olds Ciera? I can't see the speedo at night, so I bought a few bulbs from AZ. Then I took a look at my dash and realized I had no idea what I was doing.

    on my 82 century you take a trim piece that half the size of the dash. you tilt the wheel all the way down. and remove the cluster. then you pull the gear lever all the way down and pull out he cluster.

    the bulbs are hlef in this turn things.

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    82 Buick Century 4.3lt diesel
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      Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows of any LED lights that are dimmable to swap the dash lights on an 89 Olds Cutlass Ciera SL with tach and the 4 gauges.

      Should I use all white LEDs or should I use green LEDs for the turn, blue for the highbeam, red for the hand brake and seat belt and yellow for the check engine and white for the others?

      Does anyone know how many LED lights I will need for the dash, the headlight switch and the AC/heat switch consul? Are they all the same type of lights? Thank you for the help and advice. Ideally Id like to replace them with dimmable LEDs of good quality.