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Auto trans leaking at top

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    Auto trans leaking at top

    This is my 89 Celebrity, 440T4, 303k miles. Still runs and shifts great. But just this week, I started smelling burnt trans fluid after getting down the road far enough for the engine to warm up. After a few more miles down the road the smell would be gone. Same thing every time I start it and go. Sometimes I would see a small amount of fluid pooled next to the shift cable, and the large round cap next to it looked a little wet. But the fluid would eventually burn or evaporate off, then no more until the next start. That's definitely where the smell is coming from, and some wisps of smoke if I catch it before it burns off.

    Today I figured out a little more. I pulled over as soon as I smelled it, before I got home and it burned off. Whatever is leaking sprays a small amount up on the underside of the exhaust crossover, hence the smell. And only leaks when I first start my drive, likely when the trans is spinning faster in lower gears. The trans case isn't hot. It also wasn't hot when I got the rest of the 10 miles home. There's the overflow valve, but the floating cap would most likely direct any spillage down and not up onto the crossover. The small pool is next to the shift cable bracket, but the bracket itself isn't wet. My best guess is the large round cap, it's a little more wet where the gap in the rim part is. Unfortunately I can't watch the trans as I'm going down the road.

    So under this cap, is there a seal that's easily replaceable? I'm guessing if I remove the grime I'll find a snap ring that lets a cap loose, but I don't want a bunch of parts to spring out of the trans to where I can't reassemble it. Edit: Looks like the part name is the forward and reverse servo cover, and its snap ring and o-ring.

    Anybody else have any experience with this?
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