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Door Handle Fix

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  • Century7667
    I've always wondered myself. I've been into the door before to replace the dew wipes. At the very least I would expect you to have to pull the interior door panel and arm rest, whichisn't too bad, You just need to respect the plastics as you go. Then you need to pull the window; again, not too bad, but be careful. With the glass out of the way, IIRC the door handle linkage is exposed at that point.

    Ken T.

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  • Sigurd Jarlson
    started a topic Door Handle Fix

    Door Handle Fix

    We had some exceptionally, for CT, cold weather and when I went to open the door on my 1988 Ciera Coupe, I guess I pulled a little too hard on the frozen door and now the handle is just loose and wont open the door. Does anyone know of a schematic so that I can figure out exactly what it is I popped loose or broke?