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Century "GSX" style suspension

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    Century "GSX" style suspension

    Would these work well in conjunction with a spring spacer in the back? Both can be found on Rock Auto for a "Dust Buster" van. Really trying to emulate the Century GSX, except that I have a '93 Ciera S with 158k Km. And really tempted to go whole hog and paint it James Garner's blue with yellow/white stripes.

    Rear coils:. Husky Spring SC19155v "for 1.5-2" lift"
    Rear shocks: Monroe 58427 these are said to raise the back 1" on there own.

    Front: Going to make a strut spacer from some HDPE sheet, Ive already made a template.

    I don't believe spacing anything will be necessary. You can slap van springs in place of car springs without any modification. You do have to make sure you get the same style, since the spring design (and mounting) changed for '94 in the cars and I think '92 on the vans. So spec a 90 or 91 van for the rear springs. The 58427 shocks are great when carrying a load; I used them to tow a fully-packed 5x8 U-haul trailer 1200 miles and the car sat level the whole trip. Once I got rid of the trailer, it was SUPER stiff. Like, hang on to your kidneys, borderline undriveable in an urban environment. KYB KG5555 is what I recommend.

    As for the front, van quick struts. Monroe 171820 I believe. Should give you that inch or so you're looking for.

    EDIT: Here are some notes I've made about car/van suspension components.

    Van struts are the same physical size, but stiffer due to weight difference. Bolt car spring/dust boot/isolator/hat onto van strut. Strut hats are year-dependant, 89-down, 90-up.

    Car: Monroe 71771 bare strut, 171771 quick strut
    Van: Monroe 71820 bare strut, 171820 quick strut

    Front springs: oddity.
    Using van springs on car? Constant rate Delco springs show a 2" ride height difference, but the car is taller? And variable rate Moogs show a 1.75" difference, but the van spring is taller? So using a Moog variable rate spring will LOWER a car by 1.75"? And using a Delco constant rate spring will RAISE a car by 2"?

    Car front: constant: Delco 88913550 / 45H1017
    variable: Moog CC632
    Van front: constant: Delco 88913610 / 45H1077
    variable: Moog CC652

    Rear shocks are shared. KYB KG5555 Gas-A-Just for good ride, Monroe 58427 for hauling/towing.

    Rear springs are year-dependant, 93-down, 94-up. Van springs are stiffer, mount exactly the same on the car, since the rear axle is shared. Upgrades are wagon springs on sedan, or van springs on either.

    Car rear: 94+ sedan: Moog CC663
    94+ wagon: Moog CC665
    93- sedan/coupe: Moog CC629
    93- wagon: Delco 88913840 / 45H3079
    Van rear: 90-91: Moog CC659 (probably matches up with car 93-)
    92-96: Moog CC667 (probably matches up with car 94+)

    Again, oddity when considering van springs on car. Moog says no change to ride height, Delco says vans are 0.5" lower?
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