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Thread: Gear Selector Broken, How to Fix?

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    Exclamation Gear Selector Broken, How to Fix?

    I have a 1987 Buick Century and recently the gear selector broke. Not really actually broken, but when you go to put it into park the gear selector slowly floats toward it and actually doesn't go there. It stops somewhere between reverse and park and by morning time it does show park on the gear selector. Just to clarify, there is absolutely nothing wrong mechanically with the transmission, it still shifts into gear, you just cant tell by the selector the proper gear, you have to judge by shifting/counting, etc.

    If anyone can tell me what parts make up the selector and what is broken in there or how to fix it, please help, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if something needs replaced where to get the parts...


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    There's a small clip that attaches to your steering column collar. There's a string tied to this clip, and that string pulls on the gear indicator. You can adjust that and see if it fixes your problem ( put the car in park and adjust the clip until the selector rests over park).
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    Tongle covered the mechanics of it pretty well. It sounds, however, like the problem is within the cluster itself, where the gear indicator is. It may be getting a bit sticky and may need to be lubed or something. I've never had any problems with the gear selectors that are actually up in the cluster rather than below the cluster in a separate window.
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    if you need to lube the indicator. you need to remove the metal clip tongle talked about and pull the cluster out. there is a screw on the side (i used the end of a screw drive that exepts 1/4 bits) the indicator just slides out

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