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Thread: Singing Fish Spooks Burglar

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    Default Singing Fish Spooks Burglar

    (ABC 6 News) - A singing fish is apparently better than an alarm
    system or watch dog... at least in this case.

    The Olmsted County Sheriff says someone broke into the “Hooked on
    Fishing” store off of Highway 63 North in Rochester. The suspect
    reportedly kicked down the door, but was spooked by a Big Mouth Billy
    Bass singing fish. It’s a fake mounted fish that sings songs like
    “Take Me To The River.” The shop has it set up so the fish will start
    singing anytime someone walks in the door.

    Authorities say the supposed burglar was so spooked, nothing was taken
    from the shop.

    Estimated damage to the door is $700.

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    wow,its coool

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    This is a really cool invention. Where did you get this fish ? If you put such fish in jewelry stores or banks, the percentage of theft would probably become less. I just have one similar fish, only it is much smaller than the one that they have in the store costs. My fish serves as my alarm clock, but in addition it can swim in water . I bought it for myself here ARCH Reef. To be honest, this purchase was an accident, I wanted to buy small live fish, and I was so praised for this robot fish that in the end I took a robot.
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    I first saw one of those 20 years ago when I was first dating my kid?s mom. She already had a 1 year old and that singing fish scared the crap out of him. Then I started seeing the same technology in singing turkeys and Santas and stuff.

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