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Thread: Introduce yourself thread! (56k warning!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rarecarvr View Post
    Good to hear you are doing well Troy,life sometimes is never predictable.
    I recall reading about the ordeal you went through on the yahoo group earlier.
    I've had my share of nightmares that would take too much time to go over.
    A lot of us are just getting old-it stinks!
    I'm not like I used to be-l find myself having to use reading glasses more often
    & fell breaking my ribs last year-I'm still not 100% yet.
    Back pain comes & goes-ugh.
    I hope to get up your way sometime soon-have not been able to travel far or much the last few years.
    I'll try to post more often but like I mentioned internet access & free time is a problem.
    If you find yourself in PA anytime in the future I can make time to meet up-I'm a little closer to MI now hehe.
    Thanks, I've got 9 acres with agricultural zoning so if you are up here with your trailer there's plenty of room. I remember before you passed 4 miles from my house. I'm 18 miles from there now but all good paved roads. Still no good internet but they say it's coming next year.

    I'd really like to make a trip sometime. For a lot of years car rides had been making me really sick but it's improved a lot since my last surgery. Hoping this one fixes the rest. I think it would be cool to meet up with High Mileage sometime, he still drives a-bodys and I always liked his stories like Frank's formerly saved Celebrity wagon and his winter trips. Just no Chili's, I remember reading about that.

    I still have those parts you let me use. Kinda felt bad because our urethane department was down the hill and was a free for all to tinker, shortly after they moved it into the main shop with no government projects allowed. But I'm still there after 21 years, job security.
    1989 Celebrity CL 4 door, 3.1 MPFI, 4 speed auto, summer daily driver
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    Quote Originally Posted by rarecarvr View Post
    F41 must be a rare option for the civilian Caprice?
    The 9C1 may have that as part of that package.
    I'd like to find a decent "stock" 89-90 boxy 9C1 police package
    that doesn't cost a fortune.
    I'm also on the hunt for a fixer upper 96 Impala SS.
    The main factor is it has to be the "cheapest in the USA"
    (if you watch car videos on YouTube you know where that's from)
    I wouldn't say F41s were common, but they weren't terribly unusual in some parts of the U.S. I noticed more of them living in the S.E. when someone checked all the boxes on the later Broughams and LS Broughams. Finding a black, loaded (but no radio), no vinyl top, F41 when I bought mine wasn't easy without ordering it (though I think someone did).
    I suspect, but haven't verified in my paper parts manuals, that the F41 and 9C1 share springs and anti-sway bars. What the civilian F41 didn't get then was the larger bolt pattern and brakes, but shared wheel width and tire size.

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    Hello everybody!
    Have a good one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg2421 View Post
    Hello everybody!
    Have a good one!
    Welcome to the forums Greg.. Another XUV Owner I see. I own a 2004 model myself!

    For the XUV Envoy, be sure to join me over on the website dedicated to those trucks
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