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Thread: Introduce yourself thread! (56k warning!)

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    Hey guys, just joined! Im Josh, and I will be bringing home from what ive gathered, is a rare one. A 90 ciera international coupe. Its been well taken care of since new, with the exception of the guardrail it got into a fight with. Minor damage at least...looking forward to resurrecting her...
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    Default Time For Church!

    I needed a replacement for my 275k mile civic that finally developed a head-gasket leak.
    It was also on the road for over 6 years after a small accident _ still drove just fine, I couldn't justify killing the machine that saved my life :P

    So, I work at a junkyard and we had an 89 century come in about a year and a half ago...
    The short version of the story is my boss let me pay him what we paid to pick up the car, and it was mine.
    47,000 miles, reasonably clean interior, mostly clean exterior with just a little rust in the back quarters
    3300, 3-speed... and like 12 MPG less than my civic ;_; A small price to pay for a ludicrously cheap running vehicle.

    There's a lot of work that I want/need to do to the car. I've already skimmed the forums and found a lot of good insight and resources, so hopefully this place will be invaluable for a number of projects that I've got in mind

    Thus far I've already:
    - driven about 14,000 miles
    - replaced the heater core
    - replaced driver's door mirror
    - done a handful of oil changes
    - installed new plugs
    - swapped MAF to fix a nasty idle problem
    - swapped all door seals (and trunk seal) with slightly better ones from other a-body cars that have come through the shop
    - re-sealed all door vapor barriers with better goo
    and some other relatively insignificant things.

    current to-do list:
    - replace radiator, all cooling hoses, thermostat, potentially also water pump...
    - revamp the entire suspension components (stiffer everything, plz)
    - clean PCV and doing some other under-hood maintenance to hopefully improve fuel economy just a bit
    - fresh tranny fluid (I believe it needs to be done while hot, so I guess I have to take it to a shop that will do it properly?)
    - patch rust holes the rear wheel-wells where they meet the rockers (hooray new england road salt)
    - repair/repaint some rust in the rear quarters (again, hooray new england road salt)
    - I want to fix whatever is wrong with my wipers' park/off mechanism
    - maybe replace motor mounts?
    - refill A/C system and hope it works
    - get fully new door seals because I still get a few tiny drips, maybe some extra rubber to cut down on wind noise
    - install power trunk release mechanism
    - maybe get a higher amperage alternator
    - install a couple USB or 12v plugs up front
    - install a simple stereo+sub system.

    I still consider myself a "Honda guy," but not a lot of their newer stuff (too gaudy), and not a fan of the ricer scene.
    Honda always used to make practical, straightforward cars that were reliable and drove very well.

    But I've honestly fallen in love with this car, it's been totally unexpected. I love the visibility, it's comfortable to sit in, the interior doesn't feel claustrophobic like so many other newer cars, and even though my current suspension is shot (struts are weak, bushings a little rotted, etc) I still have a good sense of where it is on the road, and it drives pretty damned well. The exterior has grown on me, too... I used to loathe a lot of GM's styling from the 80s through the early 2000s, but I've come to see an understated class and simplicity to it. In a time when new cars have busy, ugly, swoopy and contorted bodywork, the sharp edges and broad surfaces on this thing don't cry for attention and it doesn't embarrass itself.

    Looking forward to read a lot more and maybe share some stuff here myself


    Quote Originally Posted by turbokinetic View Post
    One more thing to look at with your car; check the coolant. See if the antifreeze is clean or if it's starting to get dark. These cars are good about NOT leaking coolant. This leads to engines operating with too-old antifreeze. Because the engine has an aluminum waterpump, timing cover, and manifold; with iron heads and block - the coolant anti-corrosion additives must be in good condition. Otherwise there will be pitting and corrosion.

    Another good insurance point is to install the General Motors coolant sealant tablets to the system. This is not a leak stopper for when the system has already started leaking. What it does is prevent small, hard-to-detect seeping. This seeping can go into the oil, undetected, and cause a buildup of coolant residue and water in the oil. This will damage the engine over time. GM invented this tablet to prevent seeping around the liner o-ring area on the Cadillac wet-sleeve engines. Now most engine rebuilders recommend it for any engine. Here is an aftermarket equivalent tablet. Just use half the package (3 tablets) into the radiator for preventative treatment. For reference, here are the GM ones.
    David don't say? >_<

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    Married. 2 brats. Trucker. 85 Celebrity Eurosport. 76K on Odometer pretty sure its original. Car has been sitting for years. Lotsa cool stuff. Original build sheet. Delivery receipt to original owner. Owners manual and literature in good shape. Will post more when I am on hometime. Got her for 400 bucks. Me and my wife fell in love with it. Paint is Black over Silver. Maroon interior. Oh yeah its a 2 door
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    Welcome! Nice looking car! If that is a Western Washington car, the maroon interior is probably not faded like most of them.

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    It is not faded. The interior is basically percect. No wear on the spot next to the windows where people rest their arms. No wear on the steering wheel either. Seats are not broken down. Carpet isnt al worn out. Leads me to believe its original miles. It was originally a Wisconsin car built in Oklahoma City. Once Im back I will get more photos as well as photos of the stuff that came with it. Car has 2 dents. Paint has been polished almost all the way through in spots. Needs 2 little taillight lenses which are sold locally. The fiberglass surround on the back has a chunk missing below the driver taillight. Needs trunk seal. Has a misfire that Im trying to track down. Other than that car is flawless. Best part is I paid 400 bucks. I think I scored.

    Still waiting on my Oregon plates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LG7rumble View Post
    I still consider myself a "Honda guy," but not a lot of their newer stuff (too gaudy), and not a fan of the ricer scene. Honda always used to make practical, straightforward cars that were reliable and drove very well.
    Same here, first car was a Celebrity but I've been in Hondas ever since. Still can't forget that Celebrity and I vow to have another! Been enjoying being a part of the forums and learning more. Glad there is still a community of A-body fans.
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