A-Body.net is an Internet web site & forum for owners and admirers of the General Motors front wheel drive A-Body sedans. These sturdy, reliable cars are well kept and still in use by many all over the world. Here we discuss everything from automotive repairs and technology to car audio, engine swaps and modifications. Members share pictures of their cars, provide information on hard-to-find cars and parts, and most importantly - share their knowledge with each other.

Founded on December 3, 2002 by Joe ("Cutlass"), A-Body.net was a relatively small group which quickly grew. On October 26, 2005, A-Body.net was given to new ownership. Tika, an A-Body enthusiast and forum member kept the site going for nearly two years, updating and maintaining the forum software and giving the entire site a new look and functionality. In September 2007, Joe once again became the owner of A-Body.net, and has taken much of the old information and reorganized it into a new web site and a fresh forum.

A-Body.net is here to help you learn about and take care of your treasured car, and help us continue to preserve an important part of American automobile history!