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Thread: Who wants a set of (brand new) Eibach lowering springs???

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    This is exactly the kind of news I was hoping for! Seriously awesome work finding these guys.

    The only question I have is, after they've done the R & D for your given specs, do you know if they'd be willing to give me the same, except with a drop of 2" - 2 1/4"?

    hey guys, I will be starting a new thread for the Eibach springs. I am having a run of 25 springs made, i fronted the cash. anyone interested, feel free to contact me in 8-10 weeks when the production run is completed

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    After many years, it's finally time to end this thread on a happy note!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGuru View Post
    Hey everyone,

    I've spoken to Eibach and asked about the lowering springs they used to make for our cars. The springs in question are: 3804.140 (82-91 FWD A-body) Pro Kit Lowering Springs. These are said to work on cars up to '93 and I believe it can be slightly modified to also work on newer cars as well.

    **If you've changed your mind on whether or not you want a set (or if you want another), inform me and I will change it.
    these are now available through me, message me on facebook:

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    Down af

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