Well happily i have acquired Brian's (Pontiac6Ksteawd) 89 6000 STE AWD, and got acquainted with it on the 1000 mile journey back to NC. Along with the car i got a plethora of parts to go with it (Thanks Brian!). With my recovery day today from work i gave the car a good cleaning inside and out, and swapped out the grill for the correct one provided with it. Lots of things to do, including:
-get the driver's side rear air strut rebuilt or replaced so the car can sit level again (compressor is disconnected due to leaking strut)
-figure out the oil pressure gauge issue (suspect sending unit)
-install the correct bumpers and body kit pieces on the car (provided with it in purchase)
-some minor body work, and have the paint cleaned up
-get the A/C working again, and i'm sure there is stuff i'm forgetting

Performance enhancing modifications will be done down the road. I'm looking into a turbo option, perhaps a low pressure option (~5psi) following in turbokinetic's footsteps, perhaps a full blown version similar to the McLaren 3.1. But that is down the road. I'll grab a pic or two to throw up here soon, and will maintain this thread as i get things done (i have 5 cars i'm working on all at the same time so i bounce between projects).