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I've been asking around about the best tires for my Ciera. I didn't want to spend a fortune on fancy wheels, since I'm more concerned about performance than appearances. I almost went for some plain 16" steelies, but was told that the narrow sidewall tires would only last about 20,000 miles, and would reduce gas mileage... I put at least 25,000 miles on a car every year, so that's definitely out.

Several tire shops said the same thing: high-end tires on the existing 14" alloy wheels would be the most economic performance upgrade. It currently has the wider 195/70/R14 instead of the 75 width, but they're bargain basement ones; speeds over 70 MPH wobble the dashboard loose (despite the T speed rating). I was told the existing "City Stars" are rated at 40,000 miles, and that the 70,000 mile Toyo ones would handle better, even though they have an S speed rating. They even said it would bring back the Oldsmobile ride quality.

The question is: are they worth it? I was told the tires on it really don't need to be replaced, just repaired. $460 for new Toyos instead of the existing $330 ones that need nail-puncture repairs (ironically, the shop had the exact same tires that are on it now)... $130 extra definitely sounds worth it, but is it worth replacing the tires early? I do a lot of mountain driving, which uses every last bit of a car's handling performance. But will they really make that much difference?
I noticed you mentioned Toyo tires. were you using the proxes? Wondering how did it work for you? No premature wearing or whatever issues?