After 6 years of mostly solid reliability, the van -1995 Olds Silhouette L27 3.8 - may be parked permanently...The transmission has been rebuilt, the A/C system has been completely replaced, new LIM, new plenum, new ICM, new brakes all the way around, new front hubs, new tires and more.

Lately I've been having a bad hesitation. I've put in new plugs, wires, coils, ICM, crank sensor, cam sensor, related wiring, done a compression test, fuel pressure test, checked it on TunerPro RT, and it's still there.

It also "pounds" at cruising speed. Like the TCC is stuck, It goes away if I tap the brake pedal or accelerate, but gets worse at deceleration.

Plus the A/C is still leaking, it takes about 2 weeks for it all to leak out. I've put dye in and nothing shows up.

So I guess I'll ask here before giving up.