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Thread: Oil Pump for an 85 3.8

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    Hi All

    Still working to put my L67 swap parts together. In the mean time, Im trying to resolve an issue with my LG2 3.8 oil pump. I replaced the front seal last fall due to a good leak from the oil pan and rope seal. I installed a new gasket on the oil pump housing while I had it out and noticed some good wear on the bottom half of the oil pump housing from the gears (the half with the filter mount). I checked it again for the first time I rebuilt everything and the wear is much worse. This oil pump is driven by the distributor and NOT the crank like the later LG3 cars. I believe the front cover is the same on the carbed 3.0 cars. Anyone have one lying around that they'd be willing to part with? I don't need the whole cover, just the filter mount half. Many thanks in advance.

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    Hi Tony. I have fought this same problem on my turbo 3.8 build. I was not able to get another housing, however there's a repair plate for this. I will search for the part number. I remember it was not expensive.

    I did not use it - I ended up lapping the existing aluminum plate to get a new wear surface.

    The plate is a Melling P201. It comes with gaskets and longer screws to make up for the longer length.

    EDIT: Here is a link to one:
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