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Thread: Just picked up a Pontiac 6000 STE AWD!!!

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    This is my first post on! I've always loved the 6000 STE AWD I've only seen 1 in person. 73blazer nice car great find! I've always wanted to know does your car have 2 sets of fog lights or are the lights under the bumper driving lights?

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    The lights under the bumper are labeled "fog" lights and are on a switch you can control when the headlights are on. The center lights next to the main headlamps are always on when headlights are on and are labeled in the manual as "driving" lights. Those are different from a non-STE if you look at the parts book, those lights have a different P/N than say an S/E with those center lights, on that application those are labeled "Fog" lamps. Although, I'd love to get my hands on them both to see what the real difference is.

    I can say, the lights under the bumper are wholly useless, they maybe provide a little more light if you have a super reflective surface under them, like snow. But mostly, you can't tell if they're on or off. Basically, they are there for aesthetic purposes only.

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