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Thread: 92 ciera 3.3 - 99 supercharged 3.8

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    Default 92 ciera 3.3 - 99 supercharged 3.8

    Looking at buying a 3800 grandprix gtp and was thinking of pulling the engine and trans and swapping it into my 92 ciera anyone done this before suggestions on possible problems

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    There are a few threads on this site to help you. I'm planning on doing this to my 87 Celebrity and have read as much as I can here. It kinda makes me feel like I can actually do it!
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    The short of it is, yes, it can be done. It will probably be more work than you expect, and take longer and cost more than you planned on, but it can be done. It has been done. I know of at least four people who have verifiably done this swap, but can't find any threads to link.
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    With Daniel - yes it can be done! The powertrain will basically bolt in using your 3300 mounts.

    The part most people find tedious is the wiring. Your car is pre-OBDII and your 99 model engine will be OBDII. This just means that the engine ECM wiring is different and you will have to adapt some things to make it work like factory.

    Here is a thread outlining the CV shafts to hookup the 4T65EHD transmission (part of L67 package) to your car:

    Here is a very informative thread about swapping in a 3800 into an A car. This one isn't supercharged but it is the same process either way:

    Hope this helps!

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