When shutting down my 2.8 engine, with open windows, I noticed a gasoline smell. Engine was missing out a pinch, despite new sparks, O2 sensor, wires, coils, so I bought a set of Standard FJ105 injectors via fleabay ($105.00 for a set of 6), which I don't know if this was true (Standard FJ105) or not.

They appear to be Gen III injectors (4 tiny holes), and so far, they seem to be working OK.

I'm not noticing gasoline fumes anymore when stopped, so it appears one of previous injectors was "pissing" away. When this happens, it can dilute the oil, and cause premature engine death with time.

When I had the fuel rail out, I energized fuel pump, and none of previous injectors were leaking.

Gen III injectors are better, and many older vehicles used these FJ105 injectors