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Thread: 3800 SC Oil Filter Adapter Questions

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    Im in the middle of swapping a 3800 L67 from a 97 Park Ave Ultra into my 85 Century coupe. Ive run into an issue with the oil filter adapter. It is positioned in such a way that the oil filter doesn't clear the lower front engine mount. I have to swap a different adapter. Will one from an NA car work as well? Ive seen some that come straight out off the front cover and it should work better for my application. Anyone else run into this?

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    I've got a filter mount and cooler lines from a '90 Bonneville that you can have if they will work for you. I can get pictures if needed.

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    The oil filter adapter gasket appears to fit every Buick V6 from 1986 through the end of production, so an appropriate adapter should be easy;

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    That’s what I was hoping. Thanks!

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