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Thread: 3.3 Connecting rod bolts

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    Iím in need of some help here. I have an 89 Buick Century, with the 3300 engine in it. Iím in the process of a rebuild on the engine, and some way or another got to the last connecting rod bolt I needed for the last piston to come out, and rounded off the head of the bolt. Now after trying and trying different methods itís completely rounded. Iím considering grinding or drilling the head off then pulling the cap and trying to get the rear of the bolt out with vice grips, any thoughts on anything else I could try? Another problem is Iíve searches for new connecting rod bolts and canít find any that are for the 3300! Any idea of where to get a new connecting rod bolt? Thanks for taking the time to help me out, this has been holding me up for a while now and I just wanna hear the Buick run.

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    Look at GM part # 25535356. Piston head and pin. Is that pin the part you need? It looks like it may be interchangeable with the 3800 series. I found connecting rod bolt for a 3800 on for $15.

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