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    Where can I find a supercharger for a 93 cutlass ciera? I'm looking to do some modification to it and could anyone tell when what I should start with before doing actual mods?

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    My honest opinion all the fabrications and what not to your current engine . Just drop a 3.8 l67 supercharged motor from a 97-2002 gm car with one . Grab the complete computer and wiring harness . Some have build custom turbo set ups as well . But general rule of thumb set up suspension and brakes first then do it all in stages . You donít need to drop a addition 50-100 hp and the torque provided causes crash from a bad ball joint or outter tie rod end letting go . The good thing about these cars they are pretty light . I hope this is just a wise start to your build I have seen tons of guys build there cars correct and had that happy positive reaction from the addition power curve and torque also did it correctly .

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