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That's the story of auto repair over the last few decades. The repair isn't bad; what's bad is un-peeling the onion to get to the repair. This was already the case for the a-body, but in 1996 when I was shopping for a new car, the a-body was the least cramped and most serviceable on the mid sized market at the time. The '96 Ford Taurus was the absolute WORST; that was the first year of the suppository/jelly bean shaped Taurus cars. I look at what it took too just replaced the drive belt and walked away. At least in 1996 you could get your arm into the bay of the Buick.

Ken T.
Looking at it now, it's crazy to think that the A-body was available at the same time as the jelly Bean Tauras. Those two cars couldn't be farther apart, from an engineering standpoint. Well, and looks too, lol.

But these days, all the new cars look like they were sculpted by the same person and produced by the same manufacturer.