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Thread: Can a fellow Ciera owner throw me a life preserver?

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    Default Can a fellow Ciera owner throw me a life preserver?

    About 6 months ago, I started rebuilding the 2.2 in my (much beloved) 96 cutlass ciera. I took a ton of pictures and tagged and bagged all my bolts.. until I was ready to actually pull the motor. There is a bracket that bolts from the block to the drive axle, that was stopping me from pulling the engine. I was in a time crunch and I removed the bracket and the power steering bracket and the head brace. I stupidly threw the brackets and bolts into a pile and now I'm in a pickle.

    So, could anyone please take pics of the brackets on the left side corner of the engine and how they are bolted on? I've poured through part catalogs and googled till i was blue in the face. If you can tell me bolt sizes or guess I'll name my first born son after you.

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    Just throwing something out there--maybe you could take a pic of the bracket for us and post it?
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