I have 3 cars to sell, all Olds Ciera, two 93 S, one 95 SL.
Both 93s are identical 3 speed 3.3 V6 aside from the antenna, windows, & color, one silver one gold.
The 95 is the 3.1 and is blue/grey.

None run, the gold 93 has a blown head gasket & electrical issues (78,000miles), also a bent frame, the silver one (111,000miles) needs an ICM, might have electric issues, has very bent frame with no header panel or bumper, hood and passenger fender are bent, Transmission was rebuilt at 30,000 miles, everything was very well maintained til the accident.

The 95 has 130,000 miles, a 4speed, power everything, no bumper or header panel, moldy interior.

Ask any questions, selling as parts or whole, let me know what you need!

I'm in North Jersey near NYC, my numer is 201-982-4192, my name's Matt