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Thread: How much HP can the THM125C AWD version take???

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    Default How much HP can the THM125C AWD version take???

    I happen to come across this article while browsing the web.

    Pontiac built a concept crossover in '89 called the Stinger. I thought I was familiar with all the concepts they put out in that era, I had never seen or heard of this one. An interesting excerpt I found was they stuffed the AWD system from the STE complete with it's THM125C in this concept vehicle, backed by a 170HP engine.

    The 3.1L currently in my '89 STE AWD is 135hp, and could benefit from some mods to up that number a bit or perhaps significantly. But I thought I've read in some places where it's probably not a good idea to up the numbers of anything going into the THM125C. I don't remember where I read that but I remember it.

    Quote Originally Posted by HotRod Magazine
    The engine also featured multiport fuel injection and a low-restriction exhaust system featuring a four-tube header. In normally aspirated form and in a rather mild state of tune, it delivered 170 hp at 6,500 rpm, though it certainly had the potential for far more. It was fitted to a special three-speed automatic transmission with all-wheel drive. The driveline was based on the AWD system used in the Pontiac 6000 STE.

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    Wow the memories. I remember reading a similar article about the Stinger in a different magazine, Car and Driver I think. Not as in depth as this one IIRC. But I was 13.

    Some reading on Fiero pages say it's tougher than the 4 speed auto, it can be built up for drag racing, there isn't a lot to it. The article did say the trans was modified, not sure whether that modification was just for the tailshaft or built up stronger as well.
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    I don't think the 125C or the 3T40 ever saw more than 160HP out of production engine, so I'd say 200HP tops. Just a guess though. I'm betting it's a sliding scale though. The more HP applied the shorter the life, your mileage may vary, etc.

    Ken T.

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    I could be wrong, but I suspect it handles high revving horsepower far better than it would increased torque.
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