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Thread: Silhouette style steering wheel, dark blue

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    Default Silhouette style steering wheel, medium to dark blue



    I would like to find a steering wheel of this style, in medium to dark blue. I know they used this style on the early Silhouette, some Cutlass Supremes, and possibly some Cieras and Calais.

    Don't absolutely need it, so I'm not going to pay a ton for one. There's one in a local yard for $35 but the wrong color, so I'd have to put money into painting it, and hope it turns out. Would be nice to find one that's medium to dark blue to start with.
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    A handsome steering wheel to be sure. I'm a thumb driver, so it might get in my way. The next time I'm out at the LKQ, I'll keep an eye out for one.

    Ken T.

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