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Thread: Dome light with spotlights, dark blue

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    Default Dome light with spotlights, blue

    Looking for one of the dome lights with switches and spotlights, in blue plastic. These were used on some a-bodies, as well as some Camaro/Firebirds, Blazers, and XJ Jeep Cherokees. Maybe even others. I want the whole base with it, so I can splice the wires in.

    No hurry, as I will do it when I redo my headlinder in the spring. I have a couple gray ones somewhere, and if I can't find a blue one, I'll probably just paint a gray one.

    I've retrofitted these before. What I like to do is mount them in reverse, so the rear seat passengers get the spotlights. The front seat passengers get the lighted rearview mirror. All I have to do to mount it this way is cut the headliner back a little bit in the back, the front fits identically.
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