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    Default Horn relay location

    Hello, my horn stopped working on me. Jumped the horn and it worked. My guess is the relay but I have no clue where its at. 86 century 2.8 if that helps.

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    Probably the horn button or relay. You could first try popping off the horn button, and with pliers grounding the wire to the shaft to see if the horn goes off. The buttons have a tendency to get dirty or corroded. Also check fuses, I don't know what's all on the horn fuse.

    If I remember right, the horn relay is taller than it is wide, is white or orange, and has 3 prongs. Same on several a-bodies I had, even a Corvette I worked on once. Probably in the secondary fuse area under the dash, there's often a flasher and maybe chime on there. First place I'd look is behind the glove box, or under the steering column. I never had a Century so I don't know for sure.

    On a very humid summer day, the horn relay decided to bridge on my old 6000. Apparently it went off for most of the afternoon while I was at work all day, the neighborhood was going nuts. Cops came out but didn't open my locked car, they told everybody just wait for it to kill the battery which it did.
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    I took off the cluster panel, under dash of both driver and passenger, and cowl on the hood and found nothing. I haven't tried behind glove box yet, that is where the primary fuse box is tho. Also there is no horn button, first thing I took off was the steering pad, its just foam and copper strips.
    *edit* Nothing behind the glove box.
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