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Thread: 93 Olds Cutlass Ciera - Back Window won't go up

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    Default 93 Olds Cutlass Ciera - Back Window won't go up

    Sounds like the electric windows on these cars have given people fits. Well, mine are barely working, and now the back right window will only go half way up and it is stuck there. I need to get the window up. PLEASE ADVISE ON HOW TO REMOVE THE DOOR PANEL! Or, should I try and fix the electrics instead? I need this window up so I can take down the Hefty bag taped up! Thanks!!!!!

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    Try rolling the window up while having the front door in different opening positions. The wires get broken in the boot at the door jamb.
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    On my old 6000, to get the passenger window up I'd have to operate both the driver and passenger switch at the same time. Might try that with an assistant, both wiggling switches and doors.
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