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Thread: You never know when it's your time

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    Default You never know when it's your time

    I was young.

    I was indestructible.

    I was invincible.

    Aged 40 and close to 300lbs. Eating several days' worth of salt and fat every single day. Enjoying life, or so I thought.

    Make a right hand turn, stretch to pop my back, oh, that feels funny, I'm dizzy, blackness. Full blockage in two arteries. Heart attack.

    I felt nothing.

    My wife was able to pull the handbrake up and put the car in park and shut it off before we hit anything. A nurse a few cars back ran up and with the help of a couple more people, got my poofy rear end out of the car and onto the ground for CPR. That didn't go well. Medics arrived in about eight minutes. Four shocks and narcan to get me stable enough for transport. Lucas vest to keep me pumping/breathing on the way to the ER.

    During the three days I was out, I was evidently a very bad hospital patient. Pulling out IVs. Trying to sit straight up eyes open right before surgery. Clocking the charge nurse. They put three stents in me and I was scheduled for a pacemaker. Sitting up hurt. Breathing hurt. Everything hurt.

    If that had waited a few more minutes, we would've been on the interstate. 65-70mph. Traffic. Semis. Concrete walls and dividers.

    You just don't know when your time is coming. Mine came and went. Have to restart the count of consecutive days lived. I'll need to live to 81 to break my personal record now. But I guess that's how it goes. I have a pacemaker in me now working hard along with meds. I'm one of those people now. I use my cell phone as an alarm clock now to wake up and take my meds. I have a little plastic container with AM and PM and days of the week on it. I have a blood pressure tester. There's a four inch gash by my left shoulder where the device went in. I can't lift heavy things. I can't put my left arm up over my head. But I am alive.

    If you're chubby, start watching what you eat. Don't CHANGE it yet. Just make a list. Then look up how much fat and carbs and cholesterol and sodium was in it. Take a week's diary. Then compare that to the daily limits. I bet you're eating like I was. Where will you be when your body says time's up? Will you be driving on the highway and end up in a tree? Will you be asleep with no one to call 911 and save your life? You don't know where you'll be. But you can make changes to prevent it. There's no way to know what will trigger YOUR incident. But there's a lot of anecdotal evidence, and now you've read mine.

    That said I won't be car shopping for awhile. My wife managed to come up with a little 2008 Cobalt to get us around and keep us working. Malibu is gone. Corolla is gone. Maybe we'll be able to get a second car someday but right now she isn't leaving my side so I can't leave her again. So we work together and try not to overdo things but we are still making the bill collectors ignore our numbers enough. It'll be slow going. Tow company probably not happening now.
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    Glad to hear that you made it and are still with us.

    I have the opposite problem, it takes a conscious effort to intake enough calories for a normal daily diet.

    But I've had to work through 3 DVT blood clots in the last 6 years. 1 6 years ago, 1 last year, 1 this year. Any of them could have turned into a widowmaker. Thankfully I have lower cholesterol than I did 10 years ago, and even then it wasn't high, but that's not everything. As you say, none of us know when our time will be. Part of the reason I bit the bullet and made changes to my life to get where I am now. And why I'm working so hard on making a nice A-body for myself again that I can enjoy.
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    Congrats on the wake up call. I?m 58 and a nursing student. Like most men, my dad included you probably had few checkups and ignored symptoms. One of the oxymorons of nursing is no matter how much we try to by insightful and teach habits are hard to change. Myself included. With hard work and dedication you will be amazed at what the human body can do if you follow through and work with the changes. I hope your heart damage was minimal and glad your with us. Sounds like you and the wife are a committed pair. That?s a big plus also.

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    I am happy you made it. Yes, you are absolutely right, we never know when it is our time. You have got good wife who was there for everything. Having good relationship matters in the world we are living. Things change faster, anything happened in next seconds. So If you have someone, who will be always there no matter what. Lucky you are . I am 30 and I always keep an eye myself like what I am eating. Is it healthy or not? Do exercise daily, keep myself strong and healthy.

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