Any paint gurus out there? What exactly is "medium marblehead metallic?" It's definitely a grey, but I've heard some think it's brown-ish, purpley, and just plain grey. I'm somewhat colorblind so opinions from people better sighted than I are welcome.

Why am I asking? Well, I'd like to do a DIY wheel recondition on a set of snowflake alloys I picked up junkyard fresh for almost scrap value. One is slightly curbed, the rest just have totally trashed clear coat. I'm thinking aircraft stripper to remove the clear, sand them all down nice and smooth and then prime/paint. The question is, what color to paint them? First idea I had is something approaching gunmetal grey. I know you can get paint that resembles bright aluminum, but I could always just polish and clear instead if I chose to go bright with the color. Thoughts? Vehicle is a Ciera wagon. I'm also planning on tinting all windows as dark as law allows, it's just too dang hot in the sun.