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Thread: Timing Cover Coolant Leak

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    Default Timing Cover Coolant Leak

    Hey guys. I've been finding 3 inch puddles of water under the car on the passenger side. I really ought to do a UV dye test. I brought it into the mechanic and he thinks it's the timing cover gasket, and with the instructions saying to take out the oil pan, it's a day's job $700.

    His tip manual (and a lot of stuff I read online) said you don't have to take out the oil pan, but he didn't tell me how much I'd really be saving so I decided to wait.

    There's been no overheating, thankfully, but should I be worried about driving it? I was asking on another forum I visit if AT205 Reseal can go in the cooling system, and they said "No, the only rubber in the cooling system is the hoses."

    Anyone have any experience or advice with this? Gracias.

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    I've done the timing cover gasket on the 3100. The pan absolutely does not have to come off. That would be a lot more labor to remove the pan. You might get by with some cooling system sealer or pellets for a while. When it lets go, it will dump the coolant quickly. There is a relief machined in the cover so the leak tends to be external, rather than dumping the coolant inside the timing cover.

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    It?s not bad at all gaskets run 20 bucks if your going to use the waterpump gasket . If not cheaper . Just get Felpro set the hardest part of it is having a extra hand to break the crankshaft bolt to the harmonic balancer . I have done mine if a few hours start to finish . There is a timing cover seal for the crankshaft I haven?t changed mine an has been fine . I put a new water pump on mine before t started to leak so I never bothered taking it off . Best advice is there are 4 bolts that run into the coolant jackets-in the center of the cover is to pull them and the coolant will drain from the upper engine so it won?t run into the timing chain area . Then pull the rest of the bolts around the timing cover .

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