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Thread: My STE stranded me!

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    Ish. I redid the resistance tests on that injector 4-way because i thought i may have done it wrong. I did. One of the tests was showing lower than the book said and then said to ohm.out each injector. .As Luck would have it the 2 injectors you can get (cyl 1 & 6) to or at least get the Harness off of the top of it to ohm test without removing the plenum .....on the one injector on the driver side (cyl 1 i believe) was damn near zero showing about 1.2ohms. The other was 12.5 and i had recorded all.of them 12.5 to 12.7 when i re-installed them 2000mi ago after refurbishment... I left that one disconnected and the car fired right up.
    How does one bum injector take out all of them?
    Oh well at least i know whats wrong now.
    Pontiac6ksteawd called it.
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