I want to ask if somebody has any of those parts for sale:
- Delco radio unit mounting brackets (all of them)
- Dash bezel (in good condition)
- Light saddle colored seat belt mounting bolt and buckle covers
- Rubber things on which wiper blades lie (I don't know how to call them right)
- Door bottom chrome mouldings and edge guards (all of mine were lost, but should be present).

- And the other thing I want to find is probably rare: a short console without shift lever, only placed between the seats. I've seen this type of console on some convertible models. Maybe someone has it for sale? Again, light saddle.

I don't need all of this "in one bag", so if someone has anything from the list, please tell me. I live in Russia, but you don't need to send items all the way to my country. I have an intermediary postal service in Delaware, 19720. Of course, I'll pay forward.

Thanks in advance.