Hey guys. So I've had this car (96 Olds Ciera 4cyl) in my possession for a week now, and things are going relatively smooth. Fixed the fuel line leaks.

Next up, I was going to put some Seafoam into the gas tank, considering the fuel is around 3 years old. But, it looks like there is a lock on the gas cap. The ignition key nor the door key seem to fit. Am I doing something wrong? Any input or advice would be appreciated...

Also, under the hood....should this connector be plugged into anything? lol.


The parking brake is still busted as of right now. For reference, I set the brake and heard a loud pop, and brake fluid poured over the passenger rear wheel assembly. I'm assuming the connection broke right there at the drum. The car can still move around under it's own power, just with that resistance. The pedal seems ineffective and wonky for now....and the "parking brake" light on the dash appears to be now permanently illuminated. I'm guessing the first step will be replacing the entire line, along with the drum, as I'm sure it's not in very good condition anyways. Any input or suggestions would also be appreciated on that matter.

Thanks for reading! This car is great otherwise, and I'm looking forward to getting her road worthy.