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Thread: Coolant temp gauge in a 1993 Century (3300)

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    Default Coolant temp gauge in a 1993 Century (3300)

    Anyone add a temperature gauge to their car?

    I know it was possible to get a cluster that had it, but what about just adding a gauge? What's the best way to go about that? I'm too used to ODB2 cars, can just look at a scan tool and get it...
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    Unlike the earlier cars with mechanical speedometers, the last versions of this particular Century instrument cluster are plug and play. The wire for the temp sensor is even present and laying at the front of the engine / intake around the alternator (if a 3300). There is a 3/8" plug in the manifold on cars without gauges. I changed ours over back in 2015.

    Our car is a '92 Special and the donor was a '92 Limited.
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