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Thread: 3300 mass air flow sensor Hell!

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    Default 3300 mass air flow sensor Hell!

    Car stalls with the MAF sensor installed. Unplugged, it runs pretty well but sets off the SES light and I noticed a slight pulsation while up to speed that I didn?t get before all this happened.

    Got a new MAF sensor (cardone) and the car stalls the moment you put it in gear.

    Tried cleaning the original, no dice. Tried pulling one out of the junkyard, cleaned it, still bad.

    What else could it be? I?m not exactly an electrician but I have a multimeter if there?s voltages I should be seeing at the various pins on the pigtail.
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    Sounds like it needs an idle relearn, starting with disconnecting the battery for 15 mins, and then a idle relearn for the computer.

    1. Reset ECM by pulling ECM fuse (underhood) for 10 seconds.
    2. Block the wheels and put on the Emergency brake then With A/C turned off, start car and immediately put it in Drive.
    3. If the car does not start initially, keep trying WITHOUT putting your foot on the accelerator.
    4. Let the car idle in gear for 10 minutes or until the cooling fan cycles once whichever comes 1st.
    5. Shut off the car for 10 seconds.
    6. Start engine, place in drive and let idle for 5 minutes.
    7. Shut off engine.
    8. Idle is learned.
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