Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and to the A-body platform. I recently picked up a 1986 Celebrity Wagon. Overall it's in pretty decent shape for being 33 years old and I'm trying to fix it up to see if I can make it a part time DD. When I bought the car the PO told me that the check engine light had come on earlier in the day. But it was off when I got it and didn't initially come back on. I did some work to it which included having the battery disconnected for a few days. Mostly I just worked on things like the suspension and steering. But I did remove the air cleaner one time. Anyway, after I was done I started it back up and now the check engine light is one all the time. I tried to pull the codes by grounding Pin A to B on the diagnostic port to see what the cause was but the computer does not seem to be responding at all. It does not matter what I do the light just stays solid from the time I turn the ignition on until I turn the ignition off. Even after disconnecting the battery it is on solid even if I've not started the engine yet. Has anybody had this issue or have any thoughts on what could be causing it?

Additional details.
1986 Celebrity Wagon, 2.8L carbureted.
The only other issue I've noticed and I'm not sure if this could be related or just another issue. But, I thought I'd mention it. For some reason the cooling fan comes on as soon as I turn on the key. I have replaced the cooling fan relay and it is working. However, the trigger wire (Green w/ white stripe) as a constant ground to it even if I unplug the temp sensor. I know per the wiring diagram there is another A/C relay that can also trigger it but I've not been able to find that one. Otherwise the car runs well. It starts right up and runs and drives well.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.