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Thread: 1990 Cutlass Ciera S 3300 stalls at stops

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    I checked the injectors with an oscilloscope. All of them show a pintle hump so they are at least doing something. It was a very slight hump, but it was actually consistent across all injectors. This makes me worry that it might not be an injector problem.

    Shortly after I shot this video the engine finally missed one too many cylinders and slowed to a halt with a terrifying screech. I suspect that is related to the metal particles in the oil. Since the oil seems to be diluted with gas, I looked for the thickest oil stabilizer at Walmart and got some Lucas stuff. But it could just be an engine mount issue.

    There are ominous noises from under the engine. I think a reasonable scenario would be the injectors are bad and the rods bearings are bad, so I can get some obsolete Ford injectors and put in new bearings, and then the car is at least drivable before it really bites the dust. And maybe that one cylinder will just always have blow-by.

    BTW I am not getting any notifications for this thread, not sure why.
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