For some reason, I assume my lug nuts were loose on my passenger front wheel, 4 of 5 of my studs broke off. I ordered some from Rockauto. I am running the alumium wheels from the yard off a 96 cutlass on my 88 cutlass cruiser. Half the threads in the lug nuts do not enguage the stud. I checked the 88 against the 96 and the same part number is called for, 41.5 mm length and 12.73 knurl. Also after installing two of the studs spun on tightening but seem close to the 75-85 torque I was shooting for. Any advice on longer studs or does the forum feel the 1/2 engaugement I am getting is ok and I just left them untorqued. No trouble from the drivers side. When I completed this and cranked her up I have a skip. Are the 1988 2.8 coil packs the units with two outputs? They are like 10 bucks. Anyone know an ohm value off the cuff? I was starting with ignition. I guess I could use a timing light to check for a dead wire/coil. Thanks