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    Aug 03, 2009

    In age of cameras, junk yard dogs are rare breed

    Meet Tank. But make sure it's in the day time, before he goes to work.

    Tank is a remnant of a dying breed: the junkyard dog.

    In rusty salvage yards across Hampton Roads, the menacing growl has lost its job to the cold click of security cameras.
    "Insurance companies don't want you to have dogs anymore."

    "Guy gets bit robbing me, and I get sued. Criminals got all the rights now."

    "Used to have dogs and they were the best thing in the world ? "

    "Everybody's got cameras now. Don't know anybody with dogs ? "

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    The local junkyard I go to has dogs, also cats, chickens, ponies, goats... It's still an old school place where you can go in and tinker at will. They still live without tech (cash only and I don't think they even have a phone). Some people think they are rough but they are nice honest folks and always fair. I've known them for over 20 years. There's a little bit posted on the web, Swain's junkyard. Started going there before I met my kid's mom, took my kid there all the time because she loved it, now she is almost 19 and on her own. Bobby always commented on how much bigger she had gotten every summer when we came back.
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