Mumbai Figured Out A Brutal Way To Deal With All Those Idiots Who Honk
At Red Lights

I?m not sure how much time you?ve spent hanging around with traffic
lights, but if you have, you know that they really, really do not give
a shit what you think. That?s why if you?re at a red light, honking is
useless. It?s like the stop light doesn?t even care how long you?ve
been waiting. A lot of people in Mumbai don?t seem to realize this and
as a result the Mumbai Police undertook a bold technological
experiment to remind people that honking doesn?t help, it just makes
life worse.

Mumbai is a sort of traffic hellscape, and the near-constant honking
of a symphony of cars, auto-rickshaws, motorcycles, and scooters does
not help the situation at all. In fact, the barrage of noise pollution
just makes the whole situation more maddening for everybody, which is
why the Mumbai Police arrived at their clever solution: let the
traffic lights hear the honking.

Working with the marketing company FCBInterface, they developed a
system called The Punishing Signal that used decimeters and some
electronics to determine the decibel level of the ambient honking.

When the honking noise reaches 85 decibels, the timer for the red
light resets, forcing everyone to wait a minute-and-a-half more.
There?s large displays for both the decibel level and the timer
countdown, along with a big illuminated sign that reads ?HONK MORE
WAIT MORE? so anyone who actually takes the time to look can see
what?s going on.