Ok, so here is the problem I'm facing. my '88 cutlass ciera with 3.8L engine is acting up. It sputters and stumbles when driving, sometimes dying completely. It always restarts. Sometimes when you start it the engine immediately dies unless you goose the gas. I suspected the fuel pump at first, upon checking fuel pressure I'm seeing around 30psi on idle, it does dip a few psi when giving it gas but never below 26 to 28. engine off it sits around 35. tested fuel pressure regulator and its is functioning correctly.

I got a service engine light today and pulled the code. Code was 34 which when I searched for it came up as a MAP sensor code. to my knowledge there doesn't seem to be a MAP sensor just the MAF sensor inline with the intake. Is that correct? Maybe I just found the wrong definition. I cleaned the MAF and tested it. it seems to be working correctly, its only a couple years old itself.

What am I missing? I don't know where to look next. I don't even know if the fuel pressure readings I got are correct as when I searched for the specs I keep finding conflicting information. Does anyone know if those readings are in spec?