After many moons of searching for a properly cheap car to use as the base for my Gambler500 build, I had a local shop contact me with instructions to "Swing on by and I may have somethin' for ya." So I do as I am instructed and upon arriving he hands me the keys and title to a 1993 Buick Century aka Miss Sallie (previous owners name). I laughed at him and said "whats this gonna cost me?" his response floored me. He wants to help out someone other than demo derby boys and he heard through the grapevine that I was looking to build "some sort of rally car".

While this has happened in the last few days I have not had a chance to pick her up to diag the no start issue she had when she was surrendered to the shop, I have been churning my overworked brain on how to achieve the desired results. and then it hit me like a ton of bricks lets see what some forums has produced and I stumbled upon this site. While I understand we are looking at a car that is creeping up on the 3 decade mark I have faith that with the collective knowledge from these boards as well as the skills I posses we can manage something amazing!

the short list of things to figure out is as follows:
Diag no start-- (im leaning towards the injectors being the main culprit since she drove until it died in traffic with a healthy service record to back up previous work done)
Lift- roughly 3" total with a way to stiffen the rear since there will be gear stored in the trunk area (spare tires, jerry can of fuel)
body mods to clear tires allow a snorkel to be mounted as well as a roof rack.
brush guard out front
AUX lighting
obviously larger tires

if anyone has ideas or thoughts on any of these points please feel free to post on here so we can discuss them I AM ALL EARS.

and now without any more stalling here is MISS SALLIE