OK, so I have dug around on the net and found a bunch of information on working with these CCC carburetors, but a lot of it seems to assume that you are already familiar with all of the parts and where they are, not to mention that lots of the information seems contradictory. I plan to replace the plug wires and plugs, and then I was going to see how the car is behaving using a meter.

1.) The TPS is adjustable, but I cannot get a proper answer as to what the voltage should be for one of these cars with the 2.8L V6 and the E2SE carb.
2.) The plunger on the TPS does not make contact with the actuator arm at idle. Is this likely to be an assembly issue, or an adjustment issue?
3.) There is a screw on the throttle body, closest to the passenger (RH) side of the car (the side with the alternator, etc). It has a tapered end, and it's unclear if that's for mixture at idle? I thought that the MCS was supposed to control idle mixture?


Can anyone shed some light here?