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    Default Help with Rear Brakes (Solved)

    My 93 Ciera 3.3L developed a large brake fluid leak from a rear wheel cylinder today. I should have noticed early signs of this a few weeks ago when I had to add brake fluid but didn't make the connection. Now I find both rear wheel cylinders are loosing fluid. I've searched and read several old threads on these rear brakes but still have some questions as I put together a parts order.

    1. The rear shoes have lot's of life left but are soaked now with brake fluid. I'd like to clean the shoes with water or brake cleaner and re-use them. Is that acceptable or does the brake fluid cause problems with the friction material which means they really will not work as they were designed and should be replaced ? (I don't have any prior experience with contaminated brake shoes)

    2. I can order either new wheel cylinders or the cylinder rebuild kits which contain the rubber caps and springs. The cost difference is inmaterial. I'm a bit concerned about that brake line nut rounding off and could not get a wrench on it today to see if I had the proper size line wrench without removing the bleeder nipple. Does anyone remember the size of that nut ? SAE or Metric ? Would you go new or rebuild the cylinders?

    3. What was GM thinking to use those external Torx bolts to hold the cylinders. I only had a E6 and that was too small. Anyone remember what size I will need to get - guessing E8 ?

    Thanks for any suggestions as my car is now out of service. It's non or no ABS and JA2.


    As tic1976 suggested below, I went with the new wheel cylinders and glad that I did. I used degreaser to scrub off the brake shoes and followed with a liberal wipe down of acetone. That way I did not have to remove them. The wheel cylinders can be removed and replaced without taking off the brake shoes if you adjust the star wheel to expand outward a bit and then use a screw driver or something to push in on the cylinders ends.

    The external Torx is size E8 and although I managed to remove the brake line nut without the proper flare nut wrench or crows foot, I would recommend that you get the proper 12mm line wrench. One side really gave me problems and the proper wrench would have saved me a lot of time and frustration on that one. The bleeder nipples are 8mm in the back and 10mm in the front. As always seems the case for me anymore it took me much longer than it should. I did a few hard stops in reverse on the test drive to hopefully adjust the brake shoes but will check the adjustment again after a few days.
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