OK, so I have been trying to square the emissions hose routing diagram with what I am seeing under the hood, and I think I am missing the Idle Speed Acutator. I would love to know if anyone can help pinpoint what the part number(s) of these items are, and how they ought to be connected.

From what I can tell, this circuit should start at port H on the carburetor, and tee off before the EGR Vacuum Solenoid Valve. From there, it goes to the Idle Speed Vacuum Solenoid Valve, and Splits again, one portion proceeding through a check valve to the AIR Management Valve, while another line looks to proceed to the Idle Speed Actuator. Based on the Emissions Hose Routing diagram, it looks to me that the actuator would be controlled by vacuum, but all of the actuators I see out there seem to be electrically operated.

Here's the underhood diagram. Please excuse the low-quality photo I grabbed from a video I had made:
Vacuum routing diagram.PNG

Here's the Idle Speed Vacuum solenoid Valve. You can see that one Vacuum line has tape over it. The other one in the foreground is capped. My understanding is that this valve will pass vacuum when open or block it when closed, and is operated via the electrical connector.

And here is the spot on the throttle linkage that should (I think) have an actuator in it.