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Thread: 96 olds 4 speed trans cooler line leak

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    Default 96 olds 4 speed trans cooler line leak

    I recently replaced the cooler line going to the transmission on my station wagon on the bottom side of the car. I can?t get it to stop leaking from the fitting. I tried Teflon tape and that just made it worse, I was wondering if anyone here might have run into this problem before, and what they did to fix it.

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    What I did before was wrap the fitting in a piece of large hose and bed it in epoxy with some clamps. Messy but it worked in a pinch and for a long time. A better way would have probably been to cut off the fitting and support bracket, and just run new hose and clamp it over the metal line really good with fuel line clamps.

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    Transmission cooling lines leaking means either low-level of fluid or interrupted flow in the transmission. In both cases, the result is an overheated transmission that may stop functioning if the condition persists. Sometimes, it is difficult to spot the leak at the initial stage.

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